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Information On The Ford Hybrid Vehicles For Sale at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH

Ford Focus electric plugin car for sale

Focus Electric Plug In

The Focus Electric gets all of its power from a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery, 23kWh high-voltage system, which means you’ll never need a drop of gas. To charge the high-voltage, lithium-ion battery system quickly, you can have 240-volt charging station installed at your home, or you can find any electric station around town. The vehicle also comes with a standard 120-volt convenience cord, which allows you to charge by using a standard 120-volt household outlet. With the MyFord Mobile app, you can schedule your vehicle charge time. The app enables you to remotely monitor and control vehicle charge levels, plan your EV journeys, locate charging stations, preheat or cool the car and perform other convenient EV tasks from your smartphone.

blue ford fusion hybrid

Fusion Hybrid

The 2013 Fusion Hybrid maximizes performance. At lower speeds, it can travel in electric mode. When the gas engine does kick in, at higher speeds or when passing or merging, the transition is seamless. The battery is recharged while the vehicle is operating. The Fusion Hybrid also features drive more efficiently display. It lets you track the powertrain’s operation – hybrid drive, electric drive, gas engine plus instant and average fuel economy. Watch display grow leaves as your short-term driving efficiency increases.

Ford c-max 4-door hybrid


Many advantages come with owning a hybrid, such as battery recharging (when utilizing the gas engine and regenerative braking) and the powersplit hybrid architecture–which allows the gas engine to work with the electric motor to maximize efficiency. The main difference between the C-MAX Hybrid and the C-MAX Energi is the plug-in capability. The C-MAX Energi has an external charge port and a larger state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery than the C-MAX Hybrid, for an electric-only driving experience. The vehicle can fully charge overnight using a standard 120V outlet or in under three hours using a 240V charging station outlet. Both C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi have an advanced powertrain which includes a 2.0L I-4 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine with an electric motor to generate 188 total system horsepower, delivering the responsive power you want when you need it. The C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid model has the best combined MPGe in its class, with an EPA-estimated 108 city/92 hwy/100 combined MPGe.* 2*