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Lyle Sturgis ROUSH Manager at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Lyle Sturgis

ROUSH Manager
[email protected]
Tindol ROUSH is proud to have Lyle Sturgis as our dedicated ROUSH/SVT Performance Manager. Lyle has been in the automobile business for over 21 years and began selling the ROUSH experience in 2007. Since then he has been one of the TOP 3 ROUSH sales managers nationally every year. Lyle is also FORD/ROUSH master certified in Sales, Finance and Insurance, and as a Sales Manager. Lyle’s love affair for Mustangs started in 1967 when he and his mother shared a 1967 lime green Mustang GTA. Since then he has owned, restored and enjoyed over 80 Mustangs. Contact Lyle at 704-466-6160. In 2007 Steve Ford, who was the District Manager for ROUSH Performance came to him about being a ROUSH dealer. He started out with two ROUSH vehicles and quickly started selling and stocking as many as 15-18 at a time. ROUSH sales soared and he quickly became one of the top ROUSH sales managers in the NATION. “When you have a passion for something it becomes easy to sell” Lyle says. You can definitely say Lyle has a passion for ROUSH Performance. Lyle Sturgis makes buying a ROUSH a pleasure. He facilitates your love affair with ROUSH and helps you build an instant family with other passionate ROUSHketeers. Lyle currently has a Stage 3 ROUSH Mustang which he shows, tracks and drives every day. After thousands of car shows, hundreds of track events and driving a ROUSH every day, Lyle assures us that ROUSH Mustang is an all-around piece of Detroit Muscle. In 2015, Lyle received the 1st Annual Jack Roush Award in Detroit, Michigan. This award is a testament to Lyle's passion for ROUSH! We work directly with Jack Roush, Taylor Bloor, Gary Jurick, Tim Wheeler and Bernedette Dochenetz at ROUSH Performance. We also work with Joyce Caron-Mercier at ROUSH-FENWAY Racing and Doug Yates, Jimbo Melton, Michael Alvarez, Jeff Paxton at ROUSH Yates Performance Products, this makes us your best choice when purchasing your ROUSH Mustang. The difference between a road car and a race car is a ROUSH car. We understand that you can buy a performance vehicle many places but rest assured that when you purchase one from Tindol Ford ROUSH you have a friendship and commitment that is second to none.
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Trevor Wright Parts & Performance at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Trevor Wright

Parts & Performance
[email protected]
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Ludger Reed ROUSH Specialist / Inventory Manager / Social Media at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Ludger Reed

ROUSH Specialist / Inventory Manager / Social Media
[email protected]
Ludger grew up in Gaston County and you will always see him at our ROUSH special events! Ludger has been in the car business for 4 years, but he has loved Ford and Mustangs his entire life. In addition to being a Tindol ROUSH Inventory Manager, he also spearheads our ROUSH Social Media and helps keep us connected to our online community of over 28,000 Tindol ROUSH Fans and ROUSHkateers.
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Tony Greene ROUSH Body Shop Manager at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Tony Greene

ROUSH Body Shop Manager
[email protected]
Tony has been in the Body Shop business his entire life and loves what he does. Performance vehicles have always been one of his passions. He knows that performance car owners have very high standards and his Body Shop is fully trained and equipped to meet those high standards.
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Wanda Scism ROUSH Customer Care at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Wanda Scism

ROUSH Customer Care
Julie Petree ROUSH / Internet / Social Media Manager at Tindol Ford Subaru ROUSH in Gastonia NC

Julie Petree

ROUSH / Internet / Social Media Manager
[email protected]
Julie has been a part of the Ford family for 7 years and has a rich family pedigree of racing. Her first vehicle was even a Mustang! Julie is looking forward to continue helping the Tindol ROUSH team on all internet and social media related activities. You will surely see her rocking a ROUSH polo shirt from time to time, so don’t be afraid to say hello!
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